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That's right everyone is cheering! With the high costs of traveling to trade shows it just makes sense to become a free member on the virtual tradeshow web portal. Businesses are finding that to keep new and innovated product lines in their stores has become a demanding task. Since the introduction of the Internet, businesses are finding a new and exciting way to fill their store shelves. Businesses are also finding that their customers have become more demanding with cost and quality of goods.

By joining the Wholesale Picks web portal you not only gain access to products that you might currently carry but are also confronted with new exciting products that are sure to increase your bottom line. Many of the buyer feedback we receive support the statement that we have successfully grown both their business as well as our wholesale partners' business.

Our core product Flexowebâ„¢ has quickly become the choice vehicle for businesses looking to expand their bottom-line by harnessing the power of the Internet. Where once the sales cycle was to send catalog material only to become outdated, this has now changed to allow buyers free rein on current up-to-date product selections; and with the introduction of buyers are now finding a broader manufacturing selection to choose from. Many of our wholesale vendors who present products on this site as well as their own Flexowebâ„¢ site attend various trade shows; by first viewing products over the Internet allows for a more productive way for you as a buyer to schedule your time when visiting those trade shows.

As an approved buyer of the website, you will enjoy the consistency which all of our vendors share by using the Flexowebâ„¢ sales delivery tool. Once you become familiar with purchasing or navigating through one of our vendor sites rest assured all the other sites will work with similar functionality.

Once again thank you for visiting our site and please do consider signing up. We personally guarantee that you will find a vast array of products as well as make key contacts to insure the future success of your retail business.


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